“Mom… why don’t you work anymore?”
“She retired after you were born…right mom?” the Oldest replied to the Middlest. 
“Well, officially after Harrison. But I just decided it would work best to stay home full-time for awhile.”
“Ohhhhhh… I get it. You’re just a mom now.”
Yes. Just a mom. 
Just a middle of the night monster chaser. 
An after school snack maker. 
A referee for brother battles. 
A herder of my herd of cattle. 
A picker-upper of little blocks. 
A picker-upper of little thoughts. 
Driver of the family taxi to and fro.
The one who pops in your fave Eggo 
A counter of minutes you spend reading.
One who makes sure it’s not just crap you are eating. 
One who monitors Peppa the Pig
And gets you from school in my mom rig. 
Just the person almost daily in yoga pants. 
Who knows the songs that make you dance. 
And wiper of the goo coming out of your nose. 
Just a manager of a mixed bag of your emotions 
And of chaos and insane amounts of commotion. 
Just a washer of laundry and matcher of socks.
The one who holds treasures like stickers and rocks.
I walked you for hours when you were screaming. 
And stared when naptime sent you dreaming. 
We’ve spent more time together than apart. 
And you hit my ankles with your cart. 
A lover of boo boos and kisses and hugs
Who drinks coffee all day, mug after mug. 
Just a mom every hour of every day…
Whether I go to work or at home I stay. 
“Well… whether I was working or not, I was a mom. But now, sure, I’m ‘Just a mom’ And for now, for my current life, I think… that’s just right.

Ashli Brehm

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