It is upon us—the greatest and sometimes most stressful time of the year.

You budget your holiday gift money out making sure you give your kiddos a fun and memorable year. You’re making your lists and you come to the dreaded question: do you or don’t you buy the teacher a gift? For some it’s easy to purchase something small to send with their students. Others are scraping pennies to finish family shopping.

Can I let you in on a little secret? There is one thing that every teacher would love this holiday season: gratitude. The simplest thank you note goes a long way.

We spend day in and day out with your kids and are so thankful you share them with us. They become our kids. They become our family. I think I speak for most teachers in saying we would protect your child at all costs. We love them! So a simple thank you note telling us why you appreciate us or a funny note about something your student has told you about us makes us smile and warms our hearts.

Now, I am not saying you can’t let your kiddo pick us out a cute trinket or buy us a coffee card. I mean most teachers would live off an IV of coffee if we could, especially during the holiday season. Scraping kids off the ceiling is a real thing! 

Just know that we don’t expect a gift. As teachers, we treasure what the students bring us. I know I have a shelf on my desk where those sweet gifts sit and gifts spread around my house in random places that when I walk by them I think of my old students. But by far the most treasured gifts I keep are the sweet notes from former students and parents. They remind me why I teach and of the students I love so much!

Christy Margritz

Born and raised in central Nebraska, Christy lives in Kearney with her husband, daughter, son, and two dogs. She is a preschool teacher with a passion for worship. Some of Christy’s favorite things include singing, dancing, watching movies, or reading a good book. Most days you can find her dancing and singing with her daughter and son!