A Kansas mother is urging parents to check their bottles of Zarbee’s Naturals multivitamins after doctors say her daughter ingested metal fragments embedded in the toddler gummy vitamins. 

In a Facebook post that’s been shared thousands of times this week, Samantha Andersen says she noticed what looked like flakes of metal at the bottom of the vitamin bottle. What’s worse, Andersen says, is that her daughter had been eating gummies from the container every day for about two months.

When the family brought 3-year-old Milani to the ER for evaluation, X-rays confirmed there were metal shards in her intestines. “Now we have to watch for bloody stools, pain or fever,” Andersen writes. 

Andersen says she bought the bottle of Zarbee’s Naturals online from Target’s website. After the frightening discovery, she contacted Zarbee’s. “The rep apologized and offered to mail some coupons to my house,” Andersen says in her Facebook post.

The family also notified the FDA, which released a statement on Friday saying it is currently investigating the complaint. 

Johnson & Johnson announced in July 2018 it would acquire the natural health and wellness brand, which manufactures dozens of over-the-counter drug-free products. 

Carolyn Moore

Carolyn traded a career in local TV news for a gig as a stay-at-home mom, where the days are just as busy and the pay is only slightly worse. She lives in flyover country with her husband and four young kids, and occasionally writes about raising them at Assignment Mom