Can I keep you this way forever?

Entangled in the beauty of your imagination.

With your eyes open to everything that lies before you.

Can I keep you this way forever?

To believe anything is possible.

To keep your heart whole and never broken.

Can I keep you this way forever?

Open to the magic of the world around you.

Never questioning what can and cannot be.

Can I keep you this way forever?

No, I cannot.

One day you will come to me with a broken heart, “Mama, Santa isn’t real.”

Your imagination forever changed.

Your innocence beginning its slow dance to extinction.

I will tell you that St. Nick was, in fact, a real person.

That he gave selflessly to others, especially children in need.

That he may not fly on a sleigh with reindeer but his generosity lives on every Christmas season.

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A season when people give without expectation.

A season when people believe in something greater than themselves.

So, I want your heart to hold on.

In those moments where your heart is broken, and your beliefs are shaken,

I want you to hold on.

Hold on to the act of giving.

Hold on to your faith.

Hold on to knowing the most beautiful things are those felt in your heart.

Hold on to the stories that make you feel like home.

Hold on to what is possible.

Hold on to the belief that Christmas is about believing, not seeing.

Aliette Silva

Aliette Silva is a mom and a writer that lives for a good Cuban sandwich. Her work has been featured in Today Parents, Her View from Home, Filter Free Parents, and Scary Mommy. She writes posts, shares stories, and snaps pictures of the daily mama grind. When she is not writing, you can find her chasing sleep or her two girls all over Disney World.