Summer is on the horizon, my friends, and I have one thing to say about that: HALLELUJAH! 

With all the craziness going on in the world, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a change in season so dang much.

Even though I’m so ready for sunshine and warm weather, I know this summer is going to look a lot different than usual. If social distancing mandates go on much longer, many of the things we’re used to doing June through August simply aren’t going to happen.

There will be no summer sports leagues. 

No camps or vacations. 

No zoo visits or trips to the local park. 

No block parties or big backyard barbecues.

For the most part, we’ll be hanging out in our own homes and yards, just like we are now. 

In my quest to make this the BEST SUMMER EVER for my kids despite current circumstances, I’ve decided to pool the cash I’ve saved without frivolous—errr, completely necessary—trips to Target, kids’ activity fees, and eating out, to put towards something the whole family can enjoy: a backyard water park. Say what!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I can’t think of anything more desperate than a mom who knows she’s about to be stuck at home with the kids for three more months. 

Wanna join me? Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll need to create the quarantine waterpark of your dreams this summer—because what the heck else are you gonna do?

First things first, let’s start small.

We bought this kiddie pool four summers ago when our oldest was just a baby. It’s awesome for babies and toddlers as it’s shallow, has interactive pouring cups, and holds an umbrella (included!) to shade little ones from the summer sun. 

This pool has been a well-loved favorite in our family—but if, like us, you’ve outgrown this stage, it’s time for you to graduate to something else. 

How about this nifty splash pad?

Your kids can dance around on this beauty and get pleasantly cooled off without getting entirely head-to-toe SOAKED. And it has the ABC’s on it, so technically it doubles as a homeschool lesson, right? RIGHT?!

Looking for a little more adventure? This Surf ‘N’ Slide is perfect for adrenaline junkie kids . . . without being so wild that it gives mom and dad anxiety.


No outdoor water fun would be complete without a sprinkler, but not just any sprinkler will do!

This isn’t the staked in, oscillating variety of our childhood, people. Apparently sprinklers in 2020 are over six feet tall and shaped like T-Rexes. Who knew? My kids would go NUTS over this dino sprayer

Or, if you’re more of a unicorn family . . .



And finally, if you think you’ve seen it all . . . you would be wrong.

This is the big kahuna of inflatable water toys, and it’s AMAZING! Look closely and you’ll see slides, a climbing wall, buckets, sprayers, a “kiddie” pool . . .  and lots and lots of dreams come true.

Honestly, at any other time I would probably think this thing was ridiculous and unnecessary—but quarantine has apparently made me a new woman, because all I can think is how awesome it looks!

Summer is going to be different this year, that’s a fact. But different doesn’t have to equal bad, and it certainly doesn’t have to equal boring. 

You and your kids can still have the BEST SUMMER EVER. Trust me. 

And if you’re rolling your eyes right about now and thinking all of the above seems completely outrageous, well . . . you can always get back to the basics of childhood water fun, ’cause that was pretty great, too. 

Let’s not forget where we came from:

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