Brothers—there is just something special about that bond.

And there is nothing sweeter than getting to sit back and watch that bond grow and change and mold who they are not only as brothers, but also as people.

  1. They will be the worst enemies and best friends. When they fight, and they will, they fight hard. But they will make up 10 minutes later and be best friends again. They will have a connection like no other. They can play dinosaurs or search for bugs for hours. They will push each other and encourage each other to get better in their sport. Or help each other with homework.
  2. They will spill all the secrets unless they were involved. They won’t mind at all sitting back and watching their brother get in trouble. But if they were involved, their lips will be sealed.
  3. They will get a weird satisfaction from standing next to the door listening to their brother get in trouble. And then their brother will return the favor when it’s his turn.
  4. They know all the buttons to push. And when not to push those buttons. They know.
  5. Their competition with each other will be something fierce. But their voice will also be the loudest one cheering. Competitions including, but not limited to: who can pee the furthest, fastest, and longest. And they will brag about being the best. But you can bet your britches that when their brother is up to bat, it will be their voice you hear cheering from the dugout.
  6. They will teach each other tricks. And encourage each other to try new tricks. Tricks that are dangerous, silly, sweet, and everything in between. And pranks, too.
  7. Sometimes it will feel like wrestling is their love language. If they’re apart for any amount of time, it will seem that their most powerful greeting for each other will come in the form of a wrestling match.
  8. There’s a fine line between “just for fun” fighting and real, hardcore, I’m-going-to-hurt-you fighting. And they will flirt with that line daily.
  9. They will LOVE to embarrass each other, laugh when they make bathroom noises, and giggle as they talk about body parts. All. The. Time.
  10. They will fight against each other. But also fight FOR each other. It is perfectly OK for them to pick on each other. But someone else picking on their brother is a big no go. They will defend and protect each other no matter how big the other kid may be.
  11. They will love each other something fierce. Even if that love is often disguised by a punch in the belly, or a wet willy. Their love will be fierce.

There is something special about watching them in the simple moments. Helping each other pull a tooth. Or showing their little brother how to make hot chocolate and popcorn for a movie night. Seeing them work out an argument on their own. Or listening to their giggles as they tell a not-so-inside joke. Or hearing their prayers and knowing they are truly thankful for each other.

Yes, as a mom, there is nothing much sweeter than witnessing these moments.

And you may find yourself hoping and praying that this bond they have will remain even as they grow older.

Because right now, they are the best of friends.

This post originally appeared on My House Full of Boys


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