Yes, they will fight with each other.
But they will also learn to fight FOR each other.

They will struggle to share your attention.
But they will also share so many sweet, childhood memories.

They will give each other a hard time.
But they will also give oh-so-many hugs.

They may not share their toys,
But they will share inside jokes and hand-me-down clothes and way too many germs.

They’ll share secrets and dreams.
There will be days when they push each other over,
But there will also be days when they extend a helping hand to raise the other up.

They may bring each other to tears,
But they’ll bring tears of laughter, too.

They will play hard, laugh hard, and love hard.
They won’t just build forts, they’ll build friendship, too.

And as they grow, they will learn what it truly means to be there for someone through it all.

They won’t always get along,

But they do BELONG.

Because they share a bond that carries them through all else.

They are siblings.

And nothing will ever change that.

This post originally appeared on MommyMannegren


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Liz Mannegren

Liz lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two littles. She is the mother of seven beautiful babies: carrying two in her arms but an extra five in her heart. You can read more of her writing at or follow along on Instagram and Facebook.