And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a very special person in these youngsters’ lives.“ 

So God made an aunt.

Somebody to splash in puddles with without a care in the world that good church pants are getting dirty.

Somebody who gives unending piggyback and wheelbarrow rides when mom is too tired.

Somebody who is always available for a phone call just to say “Hi” and “Goodbye” when they are learning to talk.

Somebody who brings treats every time she visits just because.

Somebody who comes to watch swimming lessons to encourage and support new activities.

Somebody who plays with them in her truck for an hour (with the windows cracked of course) pushing every button and knob and screaming at the top of her lungs because it’s so fun.

Somebody who hides Easter eggs when mom and dad didn’t.

Somebody who brings treats to church to help get through the sermon.

Somebody who doesn’t mind a cranky 2-year-old attitude and instead, turns the day into a better one.

Somebody who will run to the grocery store to pick up acetaminophen when mom just emptied the bottle and the fevers are continuing.

Somebody who spends all her Kohl’s cash on the next size of clothes.

Somebody who has undivided attention to play with a toddler for hours when mom just needs an uninterrupted afternoon to paint the dining room.

Somebody who cheers on every small feat and is just as excited as mom and dad for the first success in the toilet.

Somebody who plans time off from work around the childcare needs for the week.

Somebody who has patience when mom’s is wearing thin.

Somebody who misses supper with her husband so she can spend the time with her nephew.

Somebody who makes the little ones’ lives that much fuller for being in it.

So God made an aunt.

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Rhoda Dobeck

Rhoda is a part time nurse, part time farmer, and part time soldier. She resides in beautiful Minnesota with her hilarious husband and two amazing sons.