You’ve given your all, left your heart out on the field, and still walk away empty-handed. Not victorious. Not fighting to contain your excitement until after you’ve shaken the other team’s hands; fighting back tears until you make it to the car.

It’s the release of disappointment, feeling like you’ve let everyone down. It’s a weight you’ve placed on your shoulders, and on days like today, it becomes too heavy.

But there’s so much to be learned from days like today when disappointment stings your heart and eyes.

There’s so much to build on for the rest of your life. Days like today stink. They hurt, but they hold valuable lessons.

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Days like today remind you that you can’t always win. You have to be resilient. You have to learn from the losses to be better next time. In life, you’ll fight hard for many things. In many of those things, you won’t walk away with the outcome you hoped for, but you learn. You learn what to do better. You learn how to adjust. You improve on what you’re already good at. You pick yourself up, and you keep moving forward with more determination.

Days like today remind you that you can’t carry a weight alone. Today you felt like you let people down. Just like a pitcher carries a win or loss on his record, you felt that burden. But just like the pitcher, it’s actually a reflection of the team, not one player. Lots of burdens in life are a reflection of many, not just onedon’t carry the burden alone.

Always play your heart out.

Always hold yourself to the high standard you’ve set and fight for it as if you’re the only one out there.

Ultimately though, walk away proud of how you played, leaving it all on the field. Take away the lessons and come back armed with them for the next go around.

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And always walk away knowing that in your corner is a mama and a daddy who couldn’t be prouder of you, win or lose.

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