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My daughter is fierce, independent, decisive.

Somehow, that tiny baby girl I once held in my arms is now grown into a woman who will be married soon. The years I spent preparing her for the future sped by quicker than I ever believed could happen. There were so many things on my list to teach her.

In the early years teaching her came naturallyteaching things like talking, walking, and toilet training. The 13 years of homeschooling her gave me the opportunity to teach her to read, write, and learn arithmetic.

Then came all the life skills that every adult needs to master: Can she follow a recipe? Clean a bathroom? Sew a button back on? Take care of small children?

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Did I teach her to not only run a household but to be a contributing member by being frugal in her lifestyle? Does she know how to handle her money and squeeze a dollar from every dime?

Did I teach her how to upkeep her vehicle by pumping her gas, changing her oil, and checking her tires?

Was I cautious enough to teach her personal safety without instilling fear in her life?

When she looked at her dad and me, did she see that we were on the same team? That we are always cheering each other on, ready to support each other no matter what? Did our example model a strong husband and wife relationship? Did we exhibit positive conflict resolution?

What about the other important skills of being kind, compassionate, and loving to other people? Teaching her to serve with all her heart, without complaining. Guiding her to have a willingness to be a leader who can teach by example.

Is she confident in her decision-making skills? Can she make phone calls, emails, and appointments independently?

Did I prepare her well?

I know she’s young and, of course, she will make mistakes as she ventures into this huge life-changing event. I just hope she feels confidently prepared for the things she will encounter.

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Maybe she will remember that her mom is always a call away for advice when she needs it. Maybe this life change will be the time when we move completely from parenting to friends status.

Is she ready?

Am I ready?

This is the moment we have been preparing for—she’s going to do great!

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Courtney Mount

Millie's Mama, Courtney Mount became an author when Millie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in the summer of 2019. She is a Christian wife and homeschooling mother to nine children. She and her husband live on an 80-acre hobby farm where they enjoy playing with the kids and grandchildren. Courtney blogs on Millie's Miracle FB page along with being featured in GLife magazine, on the "Better Together" podcast, and numerous news broadcast media. She is currently writing a book about embracing Millie's Miracle that brought healing from cancer in heaven.  Her future goals are to publish a children's storybook line featuring Millie's adventures.       

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