I may not be the best singer, but you want me to sing you to sleep every night. 

I may not be the best dancer, but our living room dance parties sure do make you smile and I do a heck of a rotating London bridge. 

I may not be a doctor, but my kisses can heal boo-boos.

I may not be an artist, but together we can make almost anything into something we love. 

I may not be the strongest, but these arms can carry the weight of your world.

I may not be a teacher, but you look to me to learn.

I may not be a comedian, but I know what it takes to make you smile. 

I may not be a night owl, but my snuggles are what you need to fall asleep. 

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I may not be a naturalist, but together we are constantly finding the beauty in God’s world.

I may not be a police officer, but I’ll be there for you in your darkest times. 

I may not be a firefighter, but I’ll always be there to help you put out fires that are flaming high.

I may not be your best friend, but I promise to always have a shoulder to cry on and a hug ready.

I may not be an investment advisor, but I’ll always teach you to invest in yourself because you’re worth it.

I may not be a novelist, but I’ll make sure you know your life is a story worth telling.

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I may not be an insurance agent, but you’ll always know you’re an asset.

I may not be a preacher, but I’ll teach you to talk to Jesus like He’s your best friend.

For all the things I’m not to this world, you show me every day, that I’m much more to you. God made me your mother, He knew you needed so much more than the expectations of the world. Through you, He allowed me to see that I, too, am so much more than what the world sees.

Holly Lemons

Blessed by God to be the mommy to four beautiful girls, wife to one amazing husband, and an elected official. Crazy, a little...blessed beyond what I deserve!