Someday you won’t depend on me for your every need, but today, you needed me. 

Someday you won’t eat for 45 minutes every two hours, but today, I fed you every life-giving drop.

Someday you’ll be able to tell me exactly what you need, but today, I responded to your cries with a mother’s instinct. 

Someday you’ll be able to tell the doctor where it hurts, but today, I was your advocate. 

Someday you’ll learn to fall asleep on your own, but today, I rocked you. 

Someday you’ll be able to keep your food down, but today, I changed your outfit five times. 

Someday you’ll walk back to your bedroom all by yourself, but today, I carried you.

Someday you’ll entertain yourself, but today, we played peek-a-boo all day. 

Someday you’ll decide exactly how you like your hair done, but today, I chose pigtails. 

Someday you’ll read stories on your own, but today, I read to you. 

Someday you’ll be able to take a bath all by yourself, but today, I cleaned off the dirt of the day. 

Someday you’ll learn to make your own food, but today, I made your favorite meal. 

Someday you’ll find someone else to love you and dry your tears, but today, that was my job. 

Someday you’ll face bigger problems than spilled juice and lost teddy bears, but today, solving your problems was easy. 

Someday you’ll be confident enough to make friends on your own, but today, you needed my help. 

Someday you’ll insist on fighting your own battles, but today, I called that bully’s mom. 

Someday you’ll come out of your shell and order your own meal at restaurants, but today, I ordered for you. 

Someday you won’t be afraid of the dark, but today, I made everything OK by just being there. 

Someday you’ll brush off your own knees and pick yourself back up, but today, you needed a kiss and a Band-Aid. 

Someday you’ll learn strategies to cope with your anxiety, but today, I let you sleep in my bed. 

Someday you’ll drive yourself to school, but today, I made sure you got there safely. 

Someday you’ll move out on your own, but today, I stayed up until you got home, safe and sound under my roof. 

Someday you’ll bring your own baby home from the hospital, but today, you needed me

And I hope you still do then, too. Because I’ll be right here. If you need me. 

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Alicia Betz

Alicia is a freelance writer and former teacher. She specializes in parenting, education, and pets. She has a bachelor's and master's in education and also runs a freelance writing business. You can usually find her hiking, working out, going to the movies, or writing with a napping toddler on her lap.