Sure, we all can get tired of hearing the phrase, “Enjoy every moment. It goes so fast.”

But the advice and guidance from fellow moms, especially those who have older kids, is something I will always be thankful for. I will always be thankful for the community and support moms with older kids provide for those of us with younger kids.

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Just last year our family had to choose between two elementary schools and the decision seemed so hard. I shared my concerns with a mom whose son was choosing between two colleges. College versus kindergarten. Two important decisions, but seeing what was to come for us in later years helped me put into perspective my parenting now.

So, moms of older kids, we thank you for helping us through our parenting journey. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

I hope you never stop sharing what’s going on because it prepares us for the future.

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Thank you for preparing us moms of littles for what’s coming next. Thank you for sharing the dark and dirty as well as the happy and sunny. Thank you for preparing us for what’s to come even if it’s hard, scary, stressful, or super emotional. Thank you for helping us see that the problems we deal with now are important to us at this moment but also are only small steps on a much longer journey.

Thank you for sharing your parenting wins and fails. Your advice, your fails, and your wins all serve as a lighthouse directing us as we head your way.

Thank you for helping us see that what’s to come isn’t always as scary as we might think. Thank you for letting us see that what we put into our parenting in these younger years can pay off.

Sometimes we wonder if what we are doing really matters in the long run, but seeing you raise young adults helps us be reminded of the end result. 

I am teaching my kids to ride a bike, and you are teaching yours to drive. I am potty training and you are helping yours through puberty. I am picking mine up from first grade and you are driving yours off to college. I am constantly picking up toys and you are looking at an empty bedroom. Watching you raise your kids well is an inspiration to those of us who feel stuck in the trenches.

RELATED: My Kids Are Growing Up, But I’m Still a New Mom

No matter what stage of parenting we are in, it can be hard. But it is also beautiful. It’s even more beautiful when we have someone to look to and someone to hold our hand through the process. Our supportive mom communities are priceless and life-giving. 

Emily Scott

Emily Scott, PhD, is a stay at home mom of three, and part time parenting consultant and blogger who has written and spoken on various parenting topics including child development, ACEs, and tips on raising responsible kids.