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When Iโ€™m tired. When I feel like Iโ€™m failing.

When my cheeks hurt from laughing. When Iโ€™m content.

Jesus, even then. Even here.

As I cancel plans because the thermometer reads 102 again.

As I give him my entire lunch because he has finally decided to eat.

As I gently remind him over and over again to say please and thank you.

And when I stumble to his room at 2 a.m. to comfort his criesโ€“even then, even there.

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As my heart breaks because discipline, correction, and punishment are necessary.

As I clean the messes, fold the laundry, drink all the coffee, visit the doctors, and turn everything into teachable moments.

Lord, remind me that this right here is holy ground.

This, right here, is ministry.

Motherhood is ministry.

So as I dance to the theme song of Dino Ranch, please watch me dance as unto You, Lord.

And as I read from Counting Dinosaursโ€”or at least from the pages that have yet to be tornโ€”may you hear me worshiping You.

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These days, although chaotic and hard, are sacred. Please help me cherish them. Help me love well. Help me give well. Help me usher him into Your presence. Help me help him understand Your wondrous love, Your amazing grace, Your gentleness, Your patience.

Lord, right here. Right now. You are working. You are good. You are making a way.

And I praise You. Even now. Especially now.

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Megan Kewaza

Megan Kewaza has been a missionary in Russia, India, and Uganda. She has written curricula, blogs, and articles that highlight trauma-competent caregiving, living out the Christian faith, and motherhood. Her heart is for her readers to feel understood, represented, and accepted. Megan and her Ugandan husband, Emmanuel, share their home in Knoxville, Tennessee with their two children, Josiah and Rebecca. Together, they have founded an organization that seeks to empower Ugandan parents so they can provide for the children in their care. You can learn more at

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