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I didn’t know it was possible to feel two different extremes at once. Motherhood is just that. 

I want the day to slow down. I want the day to speed up. 

I constantly have company. But it can be really lonely.

I dream about the quietness. When it’s quiet I long for the noise.

I want to hold those tiny hands forever. I don’t want to be constantly touched.

I want them all to myself. I want someone to take them for a night. 

I look forward to alone time. I have some, and I look forward to having my kids back.

I do my absolute best for them. Sometimes I fail them.

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I have never felt such love before. I have never feared loss like this before.

I am the most carefree I’ve ever been. I have never been more worried.

I encourage independence. I mother them too much. 

I want them to cuddle me forever. I want them to grow up and fly the nest. 

I trust my instincts more than ever before. I worry I’m making mistakes constantly.

I shine through their happiness. I ache through their sadness.

I worry I’m not enough. I know I am all they want. 

I can’t wait for the next milestone. I want time to slow down.

I have never loved my husband so much. I have never missed my husband so much. 

I have never felt more confident in myself. I have never felt so self-conscious.

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I have never felt more proud. I have never felt more judged.

I have never felt this at ease. I have never felt so much pressure.

I have never been so happy. I spend time thinking about when life was simpler.

I have never felt more stuck. I have never felt so free.

It truly is something you can’t prepare for. The extremes of each are honestly exhausting but just so fulfilling. It’s down to me, it’s down to their dad. They’re relying on us. It’s big. So big feelings are going to come with it. 

It’s so hard, yet nothing has ever come so naturally.

A love like no other. 

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