Baby boy, you are so special. You may not be the firstborn, and you may have been our third boy, but you hold such a special place in each of our hearts.

The moment we heard your little heart beating over the monitor, ours expanded more than we ever thought possible. Since the knowledge of your existence, our hearts have tripled in size.

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Sweet boy, we had a name picked out for you months before you existed in mommy’s tummy.

You have never been an afterthought. You will never be an afterthought.

When we found out we were having yet another boy, the future laid out in front of my eyes. I immediately imagined you chasing and trying to keep up with your brothers. I pictured the three of you in a few years playing catch in the backyard, building forts together, wrestling each other.

You may be shy of three months, but your smile lights up the room. I love nothing more than talking with you and your little coos in response to me. I love the sweet giggles that are beginning to make an appearance, and I savor each and every sound.

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Little one you are the baby brother. Your brothers absolutely adore you. There has never been a day (thus far) that they didn’t want you around. They have never wished you back to the hospital. They kiss you every chance they get, fighting over who gets to hold you.

The hugs and kisses given out around here are an unlimited supply, and I hope you never grow tired of them.

Baby boy, I could hold your hand forever. I could watch your little face forever. The expressions you make, your yawns, and when you sleepI’ll never grow tired of it.

Someday, son, you may not be the baby anymore should our family be blessed again. But you will not be lost in the chaos. You will be just as important, a vital part of this family dynamic. Always remember that.

You were never an afterthought.

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Ashley Daniels

Ashley is a stay-at-home mommy to three little boys, ages 3, 2, and 4 months. She enjoys coffee by the potful, preferably lukewarm, using the bathroom on her own, and moments of silence in quick, 5-minute increments. Ashley enjoys writing in her free time, allowing her the ability to reflect and to be grateful for the life she's been given.