Baby girl, I miss you when you’re gone.

The days seem longer and the minutes drag on. I work hard to intentionally schedule things to keep myself busy . . . lunch dates with friends and a trip to see a grown-up movie. Yes, the “me time” everyone mentions is nice, but I would always choose to have my sidekick with me over alone time.

I miss you when you’re gone.

Our home is quiet without you here. I miss your singing and dancing in the living room and the adorable conversations between your Barbie dolls. My mind plays tricks on me as I hear your footprints in the hallway and giggles coming from your bedroom. The quiet is loud at nighttime.

I miss you when you’re gone.

The house is cleaner without you here. I get caught up on laundry and the pile of dishes gets cleaned and put away. I find myself in your room organizing clothes and toys and putting away all things girly. Your craft table will be restocked for you to create more masterpieces when you get back. I look forward to the clothes piling back up, the toys being rearranged, and stepping on tiny figurines early in the mornings.

I miss you when you’re gone.

I pray for you each time I think of you.

I pray your day is full of fun and laughter and new experiences. I pray you’re safe and stay healthy. I know you are happy and taken care of, but talking to God about my greatest joy brings me peace.

I miss you when you’re gone.

No matter where you are my love is with you. I am in your heart and you are in mine. I may not be able to tell you good morning or kiss you goodnight, but there is no distance you can go to escape my thoughts and prayers and love. While my hands are temporarily empty, my heart is always full because you are my child.

I miss you when you’re gone.

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