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“I’m a bad friend.”

We tell this to ourselves when we forget to text back, we miss a phone call, we say no to a visit all while being completely submerged in motherhood.

Sisters, you are not a bad friend . . . you are a busy friend.

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You are covered in spit-up, nursing, cleaning, comforting, loving, rocking, burping, feeding, and bathing. You change so many diapers. By 7 p.m., you are ready for bed, utterly and completely exhausted.

Mama, you are not a bad friend . . . you are a busy friend.

You cradle your phone in your shoulder as you attempt to keep your toddler both occupied and quiet while simultaneously keeping an ear out for your 5-year-old who is attending virtual school. Oh, and you’re also on a work meeting.

You unload the dishwasher, make breakfast, reload. Repeat for lunch. For dinner. Repeat every stinking day. You wake up tired, you go to sleep tired. You are in a constant state of exhaustion.

You are not a bad friend . . . you are a busy friend.

You constantly carry a heavy mental loada list of appointments, tasks, worries, birthdays, plans, and calendars all competing for attention.

You feel overwhelmed by all of the things you not only have to do but also remember.

You are not a bad friend . . . you are a busy friend.

Stop holding on to the guilt of being a bad friend. Because it is obvious you aren’t a bad friend.

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You are an utterly exhausted, multitasking, busier than ever, doing-your-freaking-best, friend.

And if you ask me, that is a pretty incredible one to have.

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