Written by Jennifer Sill

It seems like we’ve been getting TONS of snow. It melts, it snows, it melts, it snows. SO, we needed an indoor project today. I found this Pinspiration: Stained Glass with tissue paper.

Here’s what you need:

Tissue Paper  (I used the stuff I’ve saved from birthdays and such.)
Paint Brush
Contact Paper
Modge Podge (Or use the much less expensive homemade recipe below.)


Homemade Modge Podge

Mod Podge4Fill jar half way up with white glue (like Elmers)

Then fill jar up with water.

Shake Well.


This is a 50-50 mixture glue/water.


It will have a Matte finish.

If you would like a Glossy finish, add 1 TBS of clear varnish.

Shake it!


Now for your window project!


Measure contact paper to cover the space you’re going to use.(The contact paper is not needed, but I’m choosing to use it for quicker cleanup.)803269_10200253493932846_463241761_n

Cut a bunch of tissue paper shapes.


Paint Modge Podge on the Contact Paper and stick your tissue shapes on the wet glue. Paint over the top of your tissue once it is in the design you want.



That’s it!! Easy Peasy!!

Have fun!!

Thanks to Dilly Dali Art for this “Pinspiration” I found on Pinterest.com! You can follow Jennifer Sill to see other things I “Pin” for future projects. Click here for my past “Pinspirations

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