Playdates are not for the children.

A big recurring theme in mom groups on social media is the desire to meet up for playdates. Sure, we want our littles to be social and have friends but more than that—we need friendship, too.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or have a full-time job, you need this time.

There is something special about a playdate.

You see, mom’s night out plans require us to dress nice, put fresh clothing and makeup on, and run a brush through our three-day-old hair. A playdate lets you completely off the hook! It is completely acceptable to show up to the park in leggings, a baggy T-shirt, and a messy bun sprayed with dry shampoo.

There’s also something special about the camaraderie amongst the moms on a playdate.

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A kid needs a bandaid, water, snack, fidget toy, diaper, wipes, Benadryl, sunscreen, bug repellent, teething meds? The item is bound to be found in one of the diaper bags/purses.

A child wants to be pushed on a swing? I’ll push them if you’ll help mine across the monkey bars.

Yes, I will take your child to the bathroom while I’m taking mine.

Of course, you can use my van as a changing table to avoid the picnic tables and gross bathrooms.

Yes, I will take their photo, and yours of you engaging with your kids. We never get to be in the photos of any outings.

I am absolutely not judging anything you feed your child. Your organic, dye-free snacks look amazing, so is my child’s Happy Meal. Your juice box is great, so is my child’s water.

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Need to vent about your child’s challenging behaviors? Let’s talk.

Need to cry about a situation at home? I’m here.

Need to share a funny story that happened in the car on the way here? Let’s laugh together!

Had a hard week? Let me pray with you.

A playdate is not just for the kids.

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