I loved you before I met you.

Before it was just a dream.

I didn’t know if I would ever meet you or when that day would be.

I just knew when it happened, I’d never let you go.

You were a wish I made upon the stars each night, to one day hold you in my arms so tight.

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My mind was filled with thoughts of you.

So much I couldn’t bear.

My heart exploded the day the good Lord sent you my way.

I couldn’t believe the miracle, I couldn’t help but stare.

The star that twinkled in the sky is now growing every day.

I loved you before I met you . . . and even more each day.

Our stars aligned and now you’re mine to keep and love and play.

They said fate brought us togetherI agree that this is true.

For I can’t imagine living my life without living it with you.

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I dazed and dazed at the passing days . . . we finally meet face to face.

My life was filled with so much joy and peace. Because, finally, my purpose was here.

Waking up with you every day always made my day.

And I knew you were there . . . cause you always wanted your way.

One day I woke up and grew cold in fear when I could no longer feel you near.

That day I saw you leaving . . . in tears I cried in pain . . . I didn’t understand what was happening and why you couldn’t stay.

My heart stopped beating.

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That’s how it felt to me.

I realized you were too specialso God said he will keep you for me.

I loved you before I met you . . . when you were just a star in the sky.

And I continue to dream of you until again our stars align.

And one day I know we will meet again because you are forever mine.

That day you were taken away, if I had to choose between breathing or you, I’d use my last breath to tell you . . . I love you.

Samantha  Singh 

My name is Samantha Singh. I am a businesswoman and radio and TV personality for over two decades in my country. I am also a past beauty queen, first ever for my country to be crowned "Mrs. India Guyana Worldwide." I recently lost my baby I prayed for in the most heart-wrenching betrayal.