My eyes have probably seen these multi-colored state maps a thousand times over the past week or so. I was fairly vocal on social media about this election, but even I finally got to the point where I. am. done. with it all. I even contemplated staying off of Facebook for a while, but, I mean, what kind of person do you think I am?

I am of the opinion that, no matter who you voted for, we should all just share a collective vat of wine and never talk about parties and swing states and campaigns ever again. The end.

Before you shut off your brain to these multi-colored maps, let me present you with one last one. These colored states don’t represents “issues” or parties, wins or losses. These maps represent real-life human beings. Children.

These children are just like yours and mine. They have nightmares and school projects and skinned knees and sick days. The difference? They don’t have you and me. They don’t have parents.

Every color and number on this map represents a child. A child who’s been removed from their parents due to abuse or neglect. A child who’s been hurt, starved, raped, ignored. A child who’s become “legally free.” A child who’s become an orphan.

The projected futures of these children are just as dismal as their pasts. If a child “ages out” of foster care without being adopted, chances are that child will end up unemployed, homeless, pregnant, or in jail.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter who you voted for, whether you’re celebrating or mourning, the election is over. The advocating and voting are done, there’s nothing more to do there. But there is good to do. There is a way that we can affect the future of this nation. One family at a time, one child at a time, we can change this country for the better.

To see pictures and stories of children who are waiting to be adopted by their forever families, visit

Jamie C

Jamie is a bio mom to two kiddos, foster/”definitely-for- now-maybe- forever”/pre-adoptive mom to two littles, and short-term foster mom to whichever baby needs a home this week. The 4+ kids in and out of her home make for some light-heart musings and some heavier broodings on her blog and as a contributor for the Huffington Post.