Just in the last week, the roads have suddenly become congested by farmers and their heavy machinery. Lines of cars follow behind them, slowing down traffic and making drivers angry. But what makes me even sadder is the dirty looks and stares that I see people make as the pass these farmers by. And I can only imagine what people say under their breath in those moments.

It breaks my heart because my husband is that farmer. And when he’s driving down the road, he’s just doing his job.

You see, when he’s driving his machinery down the road, he isn’t driving slowly just to make you a few minutes late to your destination. On the contrary, he’s probably going just as fast as he can. He’s trying to move to the next field and get as much done as he can before it gets dark.

But he’s also taking his time because he’s trying to be safe. My husband respects his machinery; he knows that it needs to be driven with care, not only for his safety, by for yours, too. He has seen and heard about farming accidents and he doesn’t want to be that farmer in the ditch.

And before you make an obscene gesture at him as you pass him by, remember that each farmer, on average, feeds 155 people worldwide per year. Including the angry passerby.

And that man up on the tractor? He’s my children’s daddy. And he’s my man. He works so hard to provide for our family. He lives a lifestyle that’s dictated by the weather, has grueling, long hours, and is full of seasons of sacrifice. A sacrifice that he’s taken into account, and he does his job with absolutely everything in him. The dirt on his jeans and the wear on his boots and the dust on his hat can tell you so.

So the next time you find yourself momentarily slowed down by a piece of heavy machinery on the road, make sure you tip your hat to the man up on the tractor. Thank him for his work, appreciate his respect for his machinery, and remember that he’s somebody’s husband and daddy.

Thank the Lord for the American farmer.

This article originally appeared on From Blacktop to Dirt Road

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For the Farmer and His Wife, Seasons of Sacrifice

Lauren Eberspacher

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