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Good friends are hard to come by. Life is busy and friendships take a backseat. I’ve never had a large circle of friends, there have always just been a few I’ve kept close. But the ones who stick around, the ones who stay with me when the waves of life are high and when the waves of life are pummeling me, those are the ones to treasure.

You don’t talk every day. You don’t see one another every week. But she’s your go-to no matter what because . . . She’s the walk through the grocery store or an early morning coffee date just to catch up. She’s the hold you together when your world is falling apart. She’s the show up at your door with all the things to lighten the load.

She’s the editor of your tell-them-off speech. She’s the friend you joke with about if there were a body to hide, you’d be digging that hole together. She’s the let’s buy the expensive seats and act fancy for the evening friend.

She’s the sit and listens to you ramble without interruption when it’s been months since you’ve been together. She’s who echoes the reminder back and forth that neither of you are going to be the crazy mom.

And she totally gets it when you want to go on vacation and not come back. In fact, she’s packing the car to come along too. She’s the judgment-free zone and your secret keeper. She’s your cheerleader reminding you that you’re more than capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.

She’s the prayer partner at any hour, and you know God sent her here to help you through life’s ups and downs. She’s your cheerleader and reminder you can do anything you set out to do. She’s the friend you’re not sure how you got so lucky to have, but you’re darn thankful you did.

She’s the friend I hope you have.

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Blessed by God to be the mommy to four beautiful girls, wife to one amazing husband, and an elected official. Crazy, a little...blessed beyond what I deserve!

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