“I feel like I am failing at this whole “mom” thing. I’m just having a day. I’m sorry you’re always my sounding board!”

I typed out the words and hit send. 

Almost as quickly as the message had gone out, my phone began to ring. 

I knew she would call. I would like to think I didn’t need her to, but the truth is, I think I did. And that’s just who she is. In the middle of the witching hour with her kids and prepping dinner she picked up the phone. 

Her words came across with nothing but the love of a friend. 

“First of all, don’t ever apologize. I’m your friend, and I will always be your sounding board. Secondly, is this the enemy feeding you with lies and you need to kick him in the teeth or is there an area you’re really struggling with and you need prayer?”

I wanted to burst into tears. I knew she would understand. She’s a mother too, after all. And she did understand. 

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She understands that on my best days, I feel like supermomwinning on all fronts. And she understands that on my worst days, I simply want to pull the covers back up over my head and forget the rest. 

She understands the constant tight rope walk we do as mothers. Holding our breath with each step, praying it will be the right one. She understands how desperately I want to let it all go, but for the love of everything, I just keep trying. 

She understands that sometimes despite the abundance of blessings I have, I can only seem to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

The truth is she is my sounding board and likewise, I am hers. She’s been the Christina to my Meredith since our college days. But she’s more than that, too!

She’s the Ruth to my Naomi. Where I go, she goes too. Even if it is climbing into the pit with me, she goes there. 

She’s the Mary to my Martha. When I’m flailing about trying to get it completely perfect, she reminds me where my focus only needs to be placedforever on Him.

She is the Elizabeth to my Mary. With every bit of joy in my life, she rejoices with me. 

She is all of that and more. 

She is a praying friend, and in my book, that’s the best kind of friend. 

“How are you feeling?”

The text was in reference to something else, but knowing who I was talking to, I let every bit of feeling in me, come out. 

And once again, my phone rang. 

As I answered the phone, words and tears spilled out.

And she did what she always does. She listened and she prayed. 

You see, we are both busy. We are both mothers and wives and daughters. But we are both friends too. And sometimes, in the busyness of life, connections can get pushed aside. Time between conversations stretches longer and longer. But one thing remains. She is a praying friend and that’s the best kind of friend. 

Because on those days when I feel myself crushing underneath the weight of everything, she prays. 

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In the moments when I’m certainly messing everything up, she prays. 

In my moments of utter sorrow and despair, she prays. 

In the joy-filled events of life, she prays. 

In the middle of the night, she prays. 

At dawn, when the sun is just beginning to rise, she prays. 

As dusk appears and the moonlight appears, she prays. 

When I cannot muster a prayer of my own, she prays. 

In all circumstances, she prays. 

She’s not just my sounding board. She’s not just an ear to listen when times get tough. She’s not just a piece of advice in the midst of trials. She is a praying friend. She is the best kind of friend.

Shandyn Paul

Shandyn Paul is blogger and Christian writer who lives in a small town in Ohio. She is married to her best friend and biggest supporter, David. Together they have two boys, who keep life busy and interesting. She started writing her blog, http://wwww.theanchoredmama.wordpress.com/ because of a calling she felt from God during a 2am feeding session with her youngest son in 2015. She took a leap of faith and has been writing ever since. Her hope is to encourage and inspire others through God's Word.