You snuggle up and put your little arms around me. Your little body curls around your new little sibling growing inside me, and your fingers pull at my arms to tug them around you. With you safely enclosed in the circle of my arms, we rock until your eyes droop closed, your body relaxes, and you sigh that sweet peaceful breath of sleep.

Still, I hold you, memorizing the weight of you in my arms and the feel of your head on my chest even as I feel the new baby wiggle and squirm within the depths of my womb.

In just a matter of days, the little one within me will make an appearance, and your status as the baby of the family will no longer be yours. I know you are too young to fully understand what that means; there are times I’m not even sure if I understand what adding another precious baby to our family means.

However, despite the unknowns the transition is sure to bring, these things I promise you.

Your life is about to change in ways you can’t even fathom.

And those changes will be for the better. Of course, in the beginning, it may seem like your little life has been turned upside down—with momma taking care of a little bundle who fusses and doesn’t even play with you. But as our family expands, so will the joy in our home. In time, our new baby will play peek-a-boo, crawl after you, and eventually join in your stick horse races. We will laugh together, read together, play together, and, most of all, make memories together. Though your life will never be the same, it will be richer for having another sibling to share it with.

You will be a shining star in the new baby’s eyes.

By God’s great design, your new sibling is already acquainted with the sound of your sweet voice. All the jabbering you have done while we have played, snuggled, and giggled together has been heard by the two little ears inside my tummy. It won’t take long after birth for our new little one to recognize the face that goes with your sweet voice, and when that moment comes, his eyes will light up the moment he sees you every single time.

Your antics and games will be a source of delight—drawing belly laughs from the new baby. He will learn from you and, all too soon, will try to be just like his big brother. You will be one of his first heroes and a favorite childhood playmate.

My love for you will not be lessened by the addition of another child to our family.

From the moment I saw the two pink lines indicating your existence, I have loved you. The love I have for you has only grown since that day. I will always and forever love your smile, your playful spirit, and your tender heart.

The beautiful thing about love is that it multiplies time and time again, yet never divides. Though there may not be as much room on my lap or in my arms as there once was, the love in my heart will not fade or diminish. In fact, in a miraculous way, the love I have for you will continue to grow as I watch you assume the role of big brother and grow into the person God has created you to be.

So . . . 

Yes, our lives are about to change in a major way.

Yes, you will have to share my lap and my arms with the new little one.

Yes, you won’t be the baby of the family anymore.

But, I will always be your momma, and I will always love you.

Amy Juett

Amy is a child of God and a native of the Nebraska Sandhills. She married her sweetheart while still in college. After moving seven times in their first eight years of marriage, they have (God-willing) moved for the last time and are putting down roots in her grandparents’ home only two miles from where she grew up. Her days are filled with all the joys and challenges that come with a house full of young children. When she isn’t immersed in piles of laundry and other messes young children make, Amy enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, doing crafty projects, reading, writing, dabbling in photography, participating in the family adventures her husband dreams up, and sitting in silence.