This is not a drill, 80s and 90s babes: there is a JON BON JOVI cruise and you could be on it with him!! Norwegian Cruise Lines cooked up this genius idea, but it’s departing next month, so you gotta sprint to the ticket line if you want in on this. I personally think this sounds like an AMAZING vacation: Slippery When Wet (cruise ship deck, anyone??) was the first album I PINED FOR but was not allowed to listen to as a tween in the 80s (thank goodness for the old radio, hunkered down in my room at bedtime with the volume as low as possible so my parents couldn’t hear!!)

Not gonna lie, Norwegian is making this Runaway with Jon Bon Jovi sound pretty darn idyllic with their official description which reads: 

“Pack your sunglasses because this time we’re headed for the high seas. Cruise the Caribbean with 2,200 fellow runaways for four days of non-stop action as we board the beautiful Norwegian Jade and make our way from Miami to the crystal-clear waters of Nassau, Bahamas to meet up with Jon. Dig your toes into white sand by day and watch JBJ take the stage by night on the ship! This fully-immersive vacation is sure to be one for the record books!” 

If you want a spot on the Norwegian Jade with Jon (and incidentally, his son Jesse, so BRING YA AGE-APPROPRIATE DAUGHTERS), you will have to act fast: word on the street is there are only a few spots left on the ship! But I mean, I think it might be worth it to HUSTLE to get a ticket, so you can get in on moments like….

  • Sleeping in the “Bed of Roses” cabin
  • Bon Jovi singing “Whoa, we’re halfway theeeerrrre!!” at the cruise’s midpoint
  • “Bad Medicine” blasting from the ship’s infirmary when everyone on board gets that virus people always get on cruise ships
  • Scream-singing along to “It’s My Life” when you’re up way too late and dancing way too much for your current age
  • Sobbing along to “Never Say Goodbye” when the cruise is finally over and you no longer get to be in the same space with Jon Flippin’ Bon Jovi anymore {sadddds!!!}

See what I’m saying, sisters? LET’S GO!! I promise I’ll be there for you (these five words I swear to you) the WHOLE cruise for some seriously (totally normal and not creepy at all) Jon Bon Jovi stalking! Who’s with me!??!?? ALL ABOARD!


Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.