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If you were around in the ’90s, you definitely knew Michael Jordan. The basketball superstar played for the Chicago Bulls and seemed to defy the laws of physics with his athletic ability on the court. His illustrious career made him into an icon—Air Jordan shoes, huge endorsement deals, multiple NBA championships, Space Jam . . . he’s a living legend. 

And this week, he proved he’s a philanthropic legend too. 

To celebrate his 60th birthday, Jordan has made the largest ever individual donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation—$10 million dollars

Jordan has partnered with the nonprofit for more than three decades to help grant children with serious illnesses their most-desired wishes. Granting wishes helps bring bits of joy to kids and families walking through some of life’s most difficult situations. 

In a statement about his donation, Jordan said: “For the past 34 years, it’s been an honor to partner with Make-A-Wish and help bring a smile and happiness to so many kids. Witnessing their strength and resilience during such a tough time in their lives has truly been an inspiration. I can’t think of a better birthday gift than seeing others join me in supporting Make-A-Wish so that every child can experience the magic of having their wish come true.”

To donate to Make-A-Wish in honor of Jordan’s birthday, visit wish.org/MJ

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