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There’s something about when your kiddos can load the dishwasher, mop the floor, and start a load of laundry.

There’s something about when they can put their own clothes away and style their hair without any help.

There’s something about when you realize you’re in a totally different season.

I’m there.

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It’s this weird realization that I no longer have babies. I no longer have toddlers. I no longer have preschoolers.

My kids are growing up way too fast.

It’s all so weird but also wonderful.

I’m excited about this new season. It’s about doing life together. It’s about discipling my children. It’s about raising them to be who God has called them to be.

No longer is it simply me caring for their immediate needs.

Sure, I miss their squishy cheeks and baby smell. I miss their chubby rolls and wobbly stance. I miss that I could do nothing wrong in their eyes.

But I’m very excited about this new season. I’m excited about my kids’ independence. I’m excited about their determination. I’m excited to see them grow into who they have been called to be.

No longer are they simply along for the ride. We are doing life together. We are making memories, ones we will both share.

I cherish the memories of when they were little, but my kiddos don’t have those same memories.

They don’t remember me rocking them to sleep.

They don’t remember their toothless grin.

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They don’t remember their first wobbly steps.

Now we’re making memories together, memories we can both cherish.

There will come a time when I realize we’re in the next seasonthe season of teenagersbut for now, I’m going to enjoy this beautiful stage.

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Tynea Lewis

Tynea Lewis is a teacher turned freelance writer and watercolor artist. She and her husband are raising two girls, and they love spending time together at their family cabin. Tynea remembers loving to write as early as first grade, and she has a heart for encouraging women. She writes for various platforms, including Living By Design Ministries and Just Between Us. You can connect with her at tynea-lewis.com, on Instagram (@TyneaLewis) or Facebook (@TyneaLewisWriter). Her original hand-painted greeting cards are available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/WonderAndWanderArt.

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