I feed my baby from a tube with a syringe. Sometimes. And sometimes I feed her from a bottle. I used to feed her straight from the breast.

I’ve used breast milk straight from the boob. I’ve used breast milk pumped. I’ve used regular formula from the grocery shelf. I’ve used elemental formula. I now use organic, goats milk formula.

All forms of feeding. All kinds of milk. I’ve learned one thing from it all and it all amounts to the same: baby needs to be fed.

That’s it.

We get so wrapped up in methods and rules and ideas and points of view–even in the simplest act of feeding a baby. We think we know it all. We think we have all the right ideas and all the right ways. MY ways are best. MY ways matter most. I am right. Me. Me. Me. (Am I talking to a toddler!?) Pride. Pride. Pride.

Is it really about OUR opinions? Since when did it become about us? All along it has been and should be about the baby and that baby’s nourishment to survive–however that nourishment comes about and however it is needed. Without my breast, without my pump, without my bottle, without my formula, without my tube, my tiny baby would not have received the nourishment she needed. Take away any one of those forms of feeding and she might not even be here today.

Imagine that. All forms of feeding–I needed them all for my baby to thrive. Not one way was right, not one way was the answer to all.

Fed is best. Love is best.

Originally published on The Mighty 

Esther Vandersluis

Esther is a Canadian writing from Hamilton, Ontario. She is a stay-at-home to two incredibly sweet little girls, a wife to a very hard working husband, a writer and crafter in her 'spare' time, and a teacher at heart. Most of all, she is a follower of Christ and is working on living in His joy through every task of motherhood. You can find her on Facebook where she writes about waking up each day with an attitude of joy and thankfulness while living a life of intention and purpose for Christ.