Things I Want my Daughters to Know

  1. Your value as a person is first and foremost in being a child of God, who loves you with an everlasting love. You have been from the very beginning, and will always be, precious in His sight. Accomplishments, degrees, beauty, money – these can all be good and useful, but all of them will fade and become unimportant over time. Your inherent and supreme value is as a child of God.
  2. Those whose resumes are not littered with accolades, the illiterate, the unattractive, the disabled and poor– they are beloved children of God, too. Treat those who have less than you with kindness, fairness and respect.
  3. Be willing to work hard. Nothing good and lasting comes quickly and easily, whether it’s in sports, school, work, marriage or parenting. Put in the effort.
  4. Love. Be discerning – please! – but don’t be afraid to surrender part of “me” for the sake of “us.” Be willing to take the plunge when the time is right. May you find a man someday that’s as terrific as your dad.
  5. Take care of your body and your health. Floss your teeth. Eat well. Drink water. Get outside. Exercise. Get enough sleep.
  6. Develop thick skin. Don’t be easily offended. Don’t be too quick to assume you understand someone’s motives – even of those close to you. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Nurture your faith life. It is the unshakeable buffer between you and the volatility of the world around you. Your relationship with the Lord is your soul’s anchor, and your source of hope and comfort when hard times come, as they are bound to along the way. Go to church. Read your Bible. Pray. Be active in building your faith community. Go on a spiritual retreat. Dig deeper. There is always more than we can see. Much more.
  8. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for the many good things in your life. Life isn’t always fair. No one ever promised it would be. Don’t lay down and whine when something doesn’t go your way. Get up and move on.
  9. Respect men. Value their many vital contributions to your life and in the community at large. But respect yourself first. It’s 100% ok to say “no.” You don’t owe a thing to any man who is not your husband or father.
  10. Keep baby wipes on hand. You can use them to clean practically anything.
  11. Your siblings are a life-long gift to you. Treat them well and nurture those special relationships, even when it means swallowing your pride. Let irritations roll off your back.
  12. Don’t be afraid to dream big. You are so blessed to live in a country with limitless opportunities. Accept responsibility for your own choices and actions. You are only limited by your own attitude, your desire and your willingness to work for what you want.

Zrinka Peters

Zrinka lives on 35 acres in MN with her husband, six kids and an ever-changing number of furry and feathered creatures. She loves book clubs, flowerbeds, and successful gluten-free baking. One of her greatest hopes is to lead her children to love deeply. She sometimes catches a few minutes to write in between snacks, laundry, and kid catastrophes. She hopes to make her little corner of the world a better place one word at a time.