Every evening around 6:00 p.m. I start to feel a little flutter of excitement because I know you’ll be home soon. I think about what we are having for dinner. Maybe I’ll get a few key ingredients out and ready to go. I internally run through the happenings of the day and what “business” I need to discuss with you. I make mental notes to tell you the funny things that have occurred and what stupid mess the dogs got themselves into. Most of all I look forward to your presence in the house and your opportunity to do what you do best. Be a husband and father.

As 6:30 rolls around and I see your little silver car turning on to our road I say to our oldest daughter “Daddy’s home!”

Then, it happens.

She drops everything she’s doing and runs to the door yelling “Daddy home, Daddy home, Daddy home!” As she watches you emerge from your car, she is literally running in place and squealing with the most adorable sounds of delight and excitement I’ve ever heard. I love it. By the way, I still wish I was able to catch it on video a few days ago. Don’t worry I’ll try again because you need to see it.

As you enter into our home, I can see on your face how happy you are to see your children and to see me. No matter how tough your day was you always ask how I’m doing and then immediately answer our daughter’s desperate calls. “Play Daddy, play, Daddy, PLAY!” As you move into the playroom you always ask “Do you want me to take the baby?” Sometimes I do. Sometimes I need a break. But most of the time I would rather watch you play with our older girl because watching you two together is beautiful.

When we eat dinner, you always say “Let me take the baby, so you can eat.” As I dive into whatever delicious dish you found the time to grill up in the midst of all your other responsibilities, you wait patiently, without complaint that your T- Bone steak is getting cold. Then, like the super-hero you are you whisk the girls back into the playroom for a few more rounds of “safari” before the night is over. At 7:30, you take them up to bed without really ever asking me to help you get them ready. You just do it because you’re their dad.

I know you know this, but when you get them ready for bed I listen to you through the baby monitor. I can hear your love for the girls in your voice and I can sense how much you cherish the time you have with them. They cherish it too. There’s a reason why our older girl says you’re her “best friend.” By the way, I want to be jealous that you’re her best friend. Surprisingly I’m not. I think it’s because you’re my best friend, so I understand why she’d pick you.

In the hospital when our second girl was born the nurses told me they don’t often see husband’s like you. I don’t either. I don’t often see people like you. You are selfless, kind, caring and unbelievably loving to our girls…and to me of course. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and a better father.

On this day and every day, I hope you take some time out for you. Ride the lawn mower, clean the pool, fix the fence and have fun (because I know those things are “fun” for you)! You deserve it more than anyone.

I love you.

to my husband

Meredith Sherman

Meredith Hettler is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor living in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing, Meredith can usually be found on her yoga mat, taking early morning runs or on some type of adventure with her family. Meredith’s writing reflects her love of life and family as well as anything that puts a smile to her face and brings joy to her heart. You can follow her journey on blog https://thejoyfullife2016.wordpress.com/