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My heart is not ready for you to go, but the world deserves to see your light. No, the world needs it. 

To my kindergartner. 

This is our last summer. Our last of days quite like these. More freedom. More flexibility. 

My heart isn’t quite ready for you to go. 

It all happened too fast. I know they say that, but I didn’t believe it . . . and here we are. 

You’re growing into your own person. You’re ready to see what is out there. And it fills me with pride and nervousness all at the same time.

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But, I know the world needs that light of yours that shines so bright. 

Your kindness.

Your creativity.

All that you have to offer.

It’s scary for you to be out there, really out there, without me . . .

But what feels scarier is the thought of no one else getting to share in your love and laughter. Your friendship. They surely would be missing out.

I know it is time.

Like many of your firsts. You are excited. You are just so overjoyed. You’re ready for kindergarten, and I know it’s ready for you, even if my heart is just not quite there yet.

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And honestly, it’s probably because it feels like I’m sending a piece of my heart out therebecause that’s what you are to me.  

I’m so proud of you, my little kindergartener. You are going to do big things, my heart. 

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Hannah Dearth

Hannah is a Christian, wife, mother. On her page and blog, Gracefully Broken by Hannah Dearth, she writes about faith, motherhood, and more, in efforts to show the grace of our Father even in, especially in, our brokenness. 

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