It’s past your bedtime and you’re still going strong.

You’re scampering from your coloring table to your toy box to your bookshelf. It looks like a mini tornado went through our home as you desperately search for a way to play with your toys, books and stuffed animals all at the same time. You’re yearning to soak up everything the world has to offer you.

Your FOMO is at an all-time high for the day.

As I’m hustling around the house cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, preparing for the next day and squeezing in a few minutes of writing, you’re running up to me with a twinkle in your eye and a shriek in your voice to show me your newest discovery about life with as much excitement as if it were your first trip to Disneyland.

As you scurry from room to room, you’re babbling all of the new words you’ve learned lately. Some are crystal clear—green, Elmo, running. Some take a little bit of deciphering—granola bar (“bar-bar”), bathtub (“tub-bub”), Bubble Guppies (“Buppies”).

The second wind you seem to have caught depreciates my energy that is already dwindling at this point in the day, yet there are still things I need to accomplish before I willingly lay my head on my pillow.

And I love it. As exhausted as I may be, I love it.

You’re curious. You’re learning. You’re movin’ and groovin’.

I hope you never lose the desire to enjoy every waking moment of life. Because life’s short.

I hope you never lose appreciation for your toys and things that you have. Because an appreciative heart is so much warmer and loving than an envious one.

I hope your flame of curiosity burns bright throughout your life. Because curiosity nurtures growth and wisdom.

I hope your desire to learn is never extinguished. Because knowledge is incredibly powerful.

I hope you continue to move and groove. Because an active lifestyle is good for the mind, body and soul.

But it’s past your bedtime.

I can recognize it’s past your bedtime. You’re beginning to get frustrated and short-tempered. You begin to lose focus and your eyes get dreary. But you’re having trouble accepting that fact.

I hope you learn to recognize when you’re mentally, physically or emotionally drained. Because awareness about your need for sleep will allow you to get so many more miles out of life than continuously pushing the gas pedal when you’re running on empty.

I hope you learn it’s OK to take time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Because burnout doesn’t do anybody any good.

After changing into your jammies and getting one last drink of water, I lay you down in bed with a book and your stuffed animals that you love so dearly. Our goodnight hugs and kisses and exchange of love yous (“Ya you, Mama”) are sometimes followed by a few minutes of jabbering and squawking as you protest bedtime.

You just don’t want to give up on the day.

I hope you never lose your persistence yet learn to recognize when it’s time to quit. Because being steadfast, yet flexible, are characteristics that will be invaluable throughout your life.

I hope you always end the day with hugs and I love yous. Because gratitude for the people we love is one of the most important and meaningful notions we can share.

Rest assured my little one, tomorrow will be full of joy, adventure and learning—everything you loved about today.

But right now, it’s bedtime. Tomorrow will be here before you know it.

Kristina Foth

Hey there! I’m Kristina. A toddler mama, farm wife, Nebraska girl and lover of all things rural, colorful and food-related. I love sharing fresh perspectives on everyday life and leftovers and wholeheartedly believe we all have fireworks within us - unique gifts we need to share with the world. Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook and get more vibrant perspectives at