We talk a lot about having entitled children. It’s a hot topic in our society, and it’s something most parents work hard to avoid. We are told to help our children be independent, show them they can’t just get anything they want whenever they want, teach them good boundaries and respect towards all people, and make sure they know the world doesn’t revolve around them.

The thing is, though, MY world does revolve around them.

Ever since I saw those two blue lines on the pregnancy test, and knew a baby of my own was coming into the world, my brain became wired for them. It happened very naturally, I didn’t try to make it happen. But suddenly, my babies were sketched into my brain in the most permanent and unshakable way.

They are there in my mind even when they aren’t in my arms. They are burning on my heart even when they aren’t in my sight.

Everything I do now, I do with them in mind.

And I mean everything.

Should I eat this? Drink this?

Should I make plans with friends?

Am I doing enough to teach them new things?

Can I work later today?

What should I buy at the grocery store that is good for them, and what will they actually eat?

Will this interfere with their naptime?

Basically it comes down to this thought: If I do this or that, how will it impact them?

So if I’m honest, everything I do is done with my babies in mind.

And if that makes them entitled, then I have a long hard road ahead of me.

But if it makes them feel loved and wanted, then I wouldn’t regret any of it for a minute, because that’s always my goal.

I know I can’t wrap my whole life around them. I know I still have to be “me” outside of just being their mom. I know I need to raise them to know the world doesn’t revolve around them.

But I also know that my world does. My mind does. My heart does.

I don’t have all the answers, and this whole parenting thing is usually me just shooting from the hip. Yet, I think I’m okay raising kids who know the world doesn’t revolve around them, but know their momma’s heart does.

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Kelli Bachara

Kelli Bachara is a wife and mom to two sweet kiddos. She is a mental health therapist, writer, and podcaster. Kelli loves her Goldendoodle, coffee, and this beautiful thing called life. You can find her at www.kellibachara.com.