I was in a conversation with another mother a few weeks back. We were gabbing about our young children. We brought up how our young boys hit a stage of fear. Sometimes they are fearful of going to bed, encountering strangers in public, and just not sure of the world around them.

That night when we were talking, she told me something that has stuck with me since, and I have now used this piece of advice with my stepson. I’m a firm believer that mom and dad are the biggest security blankets for our children.

Even Anniston only being almost two years old, if she doesn’t feel comfortable, she is hyperventilating until she can spot me. Then she’s all good.

This mom proceeded to tell me in our conversation that she has always preached to her boys that as a mom, she has two items that she is supposed to do. It’s her mom duties.

When they are in question, she looks at them and reminds them of these two duties she has vowed to do. Without question, her boys are content and realize that, yes – mom has her duties in check and they are all good.

The first duty she brought up was ….


Mothers and fathers are to teach our children everything from table manners, being a good person, learning new material, and showing them the ropes of this crazy roller coaster called life.

Everyday “mom” is teaching.

We spend days doing homework, teaching them not to cross the street without looking, cleaning up their room, making their bed, and the list could go on and on.

We signed up to be mothers, but we also signed up to teach them what we have already been taught.

The next duty is…


She brought up a situation, where she and her kids were in a grocery store and her little boy was approached by a stranger. She was in the store next to him, and the stranger was kind but as a mom her walls were being touched, and she knew her “mama bear” self-needed to protect.

Her little boy questioned the situation and was scared. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Don’t be afraid what have I told you. Mom has two jobs, and one of them is to protect. I will always be here to keep you safe.”

After our conversation, I went home and talked to my husband about what she said. What a great and simple way to tell a child that you are here for them.

They look up to us for everything. They are so innocent with a blank slate that our lessons and mistakes are to be there for them on this road of parenthood.

Now I explain to my stepson that his dad and I have two jobs. I explained our jobs, and he looked at us like those two words meant the world to him.

Imagine someone telling you, that they are here to teach and protect you? Wouldn’t life seem so much easier and not so scary at times?

Our children, only need their parents, and that’s our duty!

So let’s preach to our kids that there should be no fear, and we will always be here to teach them lessons along their journey!

Wouldn’t that be nice for them to hear?

Megan O'Neil

I live in Southern California near the beach. I’m a mom to a pint size toddler, a stepmom to an energized kid, and a wife to my lovely husband. I blog all day every day about the non sugar coated side of motherhood. I take pictures of my kids screaming in the aisles of grocery stores & sip on my coffee all morning long, Target is my happy place, and I get giddy when I shop through flea markets. I cook, eat organic, and I’m a girly girl all the way! I write during nap time and watch endless amounts of reality tv. Find my website here http://themothereffintruth.com/