Our daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night, so my husband brought her into bed with us. In the darkness, she scooted over until she could feel me, and then she nestled against me and drifted back to sleep.

When I got up this morning in the early hour darkness, I moved ever so slowly to not wake her up. I thought I could sneak into the living room to do my Bible study while the rest of the house was sleeping.

But as I made my way to the coffee pot, I heard her scared voice call out for me and begin to cry.

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She felt my absence and she thought I had left her. She didn’t know that I was just feet away from her, she only knew that she could no longer feel my presence.

And it made me think about something our preacher always says.

Even when we don’t “feel” like God is still there with us, He is.

In the times we think that He’s left us and we’re all alone because we can’t feel His presence, He’s still right there. He hears our cries and He’s saying “sweet child, I’m right here and I haven’t left you.”

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So this morning if you think He has left you because right now you just can’t feel Him, oh I promise you that He hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s still there and He always will b.

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Caitlin Henderson

Caitlin Henderson is a small town girl from Kansas who fell in love with a farmer. They have three kids who keep her on her toes and always clinging to coffee. She is passionate about showing people Jesus, and telling the story of agriculture. She loves writing about their life full of grace, craziness, love, dirt, and cows.