Dance parties are a daily occurrence and can happen at any given time.

You’re constantly cutting out long strands of hair tightly wound around your vacuum roller.

It looks like the Disney princesses threw up in at least one, if not several areas of your house.

Your beloved shoes, purses, and jewelry have become favorite dress up items.

You’ve attended more tea parties than the Queen of England.

You put bows in your newborns hair so they are not to be mistaken for a boy. (Because pink floral prints obviously aren’t apparent enough.)

You find something sparkly stuck to the floor at least once a day.

You hope that she grows up to be a strong, independent woman, who realizes she don’t want no scrubs!

You can act out entire scenes from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Rapunzel without missing a beat.

You have over 20 different types of sprinkles in your cupboard for those impromptu baking occasions.

You spend more money than you have because their clothes are just so darn cute!

Alternatively, you wish those clothes were made in your size.

Your makeup bag or drawer has been broken into more times than you ever imagined.

You play a boy character, pet, or the evil queen at least once a week.

You are shocked when you receive attitude from your sweet angel, but then quickly remember where she gets it from.

It takes you longer to get them ready than it does to get yourself ready.

You hope one day you and your daughters will be best friends!

Girl moms unite!

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Top 10 Signs You’re A Girl Mom

Kristin Whiteside

Kristin is a perfectly imperfect mom of two and loves sharing her journey of growing with her kids. When she's not writing for her blog, you can find her having dance parties and baking with her daughters, running a local moms group, hanging with her hilarious husband and spending time with family and friends. More than likely she will have a glass of red wine in hand and befriend you instantly! You can follow Kristin on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, .