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There is a lot of noise surrounding moms telling us what we should be doing. You should be taking time for yourself. You should also be maintaining the house and cooking dinner. You should be doing those postpartum workouts. Oh, and you should definitely be making time for your partner. 

It seems that people and social media are always telling us to do something, anything . . . except to make sure we hold our baby

This pressure to put the baby down so we can accomplish household chores or have some time alone palpitates through friendly advice and social media posts.

Being a caretaker for your baby, holding her close, is the most productive thing you can do.

The idea that nap time for babies should be alone time for you completely negates the beautiful opportunity to bond with your baby. It’s a time for you to sit still and soak up those sweet baby cuddles. To nurture her while she develops right in your arms is a magical thing.

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So even if you are thinking you should put her down because there are dirty dishes piled in the sink, a load of dirty laundry in the hamper, and dog hair all over the floor, remember, your arms are full. Watch your daughter’s eyes flicker underneath her eyelids and her chest rise and fall. Let the sound of her sweet breaths fill your ears and her head rest in the crook of your arm.

When you start to think that you should probably get supper started and call the repair people about the dishwasher, consider that your lap is full. Your daughter’s arm lays across your stomach. Her legs are stretched out across your thighs. 

Maybe you should check your email. You should work on that project. But, right now, your hands are full. Continue to slowly rock your daughter.

Gently pat her back and lightly tuck her hair behind her ears. 

You might need to get a workout in, but at this moment, your heart is too full. You watch your daughter sleep and cannot believe how quickly the time has passed.

So you should wait and just hold her while she sleeps. Wait for her to wake up. Wait for her to touch your face when she opens her eyes. Let her stretch her little arms in your lap. Hold her a little longer while she shakes the rest of her sleepiness out. You have just done the most important task you can do. 

Because you will not remember the pile of dishes or the repairman or an email or missing a workout.

But you will remember holding your daughter.

You will remember the feeling of closeness, the sound of her sweet baby breath, and the touch of her little hand against your skin. 

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So, momma, even though your to-do list is a mile long and you hear the noise in your head telling you all the things you should get done, I encourage you to just hold her while she sleeps. You will always have dishes to do, but you will not always have a baby to hold. 

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Chassey Foster

I am a freelance writer and momma to the best, spunkiest little girl. I'm learning to navigate motherhood by acknowledging and listening to my intuition, going for daily walks, and eating lots of cheese and dark chocolate. 

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