If only I had 10 more seconds, I would take a deep breath to calm myself down. 

I wouldn’t have reacted so harshly to my son’s questions. 

After all, it wasn’t his fault that I was so caught up with my chores. He was simply being inquisitive and I was too impatient. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would hold my breath and stop my temper from rising. 

I wouldn’t have yelled at my kids for messing up the dining table. 

After all, they were trying to feed themselves and they needed the practice to get better at it. I did want them to develop independence and that needed training and time. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would tell myself that it really wasn’t a big deal. 

I wouldn’t have growled at my kids like an angry mama bear for painting on the table. 

After all, I did want them to express their creativity through art and such messes were inevitable. Some simple cleaning was all it took to put things back in place. I wanted them to have fun but I ruined it at the end with my unreasonable reaction. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would tell myself to keep my cool. 

I wouldn’t have barked at my kids like a mad dog on the loose to rush everybody into the car. 

After all, a little dancing and playfulness would not be the reason for us running late. It was my poor time management. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would hold my tongue. 

I wouldn’t have let out a snide remark at my husband. 

After all, I did miss him after he had been gone for a long day’s work. What my heart really desired was some quiet time with him. I really wanted to hear about his day and to share with him mine. We could both do with more love, patience, and understanding at the end of a long and tiring day. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would stop to think about how my mom felt. 

I wouldn’t have blamed her for my daughter’s fall. 

After all, it really was an accident. I really did appreciate my mom’s help in caring for my kids. There were so many ways for her to spend her days, but she chose to help me care for my kids. Despite her age and how tiring it was, she never once rejected me when I asked her for help. 

If only I had 10 more seconds, I would think twice about raising yet another complaint to my husband. 

After all, his mom truly cared for her grandkids. Even though I disagreed with some of her methods, she had only brought love and joy to my kids. She deserved more respect from me and my husband shouldn’t be caught in the middle of the two most important women in his life. 

If only I had 10 more a seconds . . . 

But really, am I that hard-pressed for time?

There are 8640 10-seconds in a day and 3,153,600 10-seconds in a year. 

Are these 10 seconds that elusive to me? 

Am I not able to place 10 seconds in between a trigger and my response? 

If only I could grasp these 10 more seconds. 

If only I could exert more self-control and think before I respond, I would be able to respond more kindly and not react so selfishly. 

If only I could focus on my love for my husband and children instead of my fatigue and my endless tasks, I would be able to respond more lovingly and not react so harshly. 

If only I could take a step back to see from the other person’s perspective and not just be blinded by my own, I would be able to respond more respectfully and not react so rudely. 

If only I could grasp these 10 more seconds… 

My days would be so much more peaceful. 

My home would be so much more loving. 

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