When was the last time you embarrassed your husband?

I’m pretty sure that for my husband, it was this morning when we were at the local gas station. I was having a massive craving for my morning Coke Zero and my superhero husband pulled into the gas station without me asking him to and took care of my morning caffeine addiction (oh I love him)! 

As he passed my window on the way to get my soda, I quickly rolled it down and told him, “Wow! That’s a nice butt!” He shook his head as his cheeks turned a little pink but I could see him smile as he walked in. He was still smiling when he got back in the pickup a few minutes later.

Ladies, it’s important to keep dating your husband long after you get married! It keeps the spark alive and it’s definitely not hard to do! Best of all, it’s fun! 

(I know… there’s the kids, the housework, the chores…the list goes on and on! But think of all the good that can happen when you make time for the one you committed your life to! Chances are there will be a whole lot more “better” than “worse” when you are purposely working on keeping your marriage hot!)

Remember how fun life was when you were dating? Everything seemed perfect with your guy and you couldn’t wait to see him. Marriage can be that way as well, if you purposely work on it. Men crave love and respect. Think about the simple things that made each of you happy when you were dating and apply them to your marriage. 


Here are 10 fun and easy ways to keep the spark hot in your marriage:

  • If you want your guy to come to you instead of pursuing other activities, give him something wonderful to come home to! Acknowledge him when he comes home from work or when he’s leaving in the morning. Give him a smile, a kiss, or a sincere, “I’m glad you’re home!”
  • Spend time together whether it’s watching television or pursuing his hobbies. It doesn’t matter if you know about football or are a great golfer. He wants to spend time with you! 
  • Write him love notes! They don’t have to be long or fancy! A sticky note on his steering wheel or packed in his lunch is easy, takes no time and will make him feel special all day.
  • Give him some time to do activities that he loves alone without complaining or pouting. Guys need time to decompress just like we do. 
  • Buy something spicy to wear to bed. 
  • Give him sincere compliments! Our men work hard. Let him know you appreciate what he does for you and your family. My husband works long hours during the spring and fall when he’s in the field planting and harvesting our crops so I can stay home with the kids. I appreciate that and I make sure he knows it. If he fixes something, let him know how handy he is and what a blessing that is to you. 
  • Pick up his favorite beef jerky, candy bar, or Dairy Queen Blizzard and surprise him with it. These small gifts of can mean so much!
  • Make him a priority. You loved him before you had kids and you want to be in love and married after the kids grow up. Let him know that he’s the top of your list and treat him accordingly (as a side bonus, you will be teaching your kids how a healthy marriage works).
  • Hold hands. 
  • Flirt with him. You know what he likes. 

Having a hot marriage takes effort but it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Date your husband, remember what attracted him to you in the beginning. Have fun and please let me know below in the comments what fun and easy ways you keep the spark hot in your marriage! 

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