We know many of you have been praying for and watching for news about the Skrysak family. Stacey was set to write about going back to work this week, but one of her babies has hit a roller coaster of a week.

Parker needs our prayers. The whole family needs our prayers.

We will post updates as we can – especially on Facebook.

But, we wanted to share a few words from Stacey’s latest blog post at her home news station.

Today’s (8/2/2013) FB Post: 

I’m so sad to have to share this. Just hours after posting a positive health update on my blog, we received some grim news on Parker. Our sweet baby is facing more complications. The stress of his health and surgery means he faces a lifetime of major disabilities and health problems. Ryan and I are absolutely heartbroken. While we believe in miracles and know that our trio is evidence of that, we are also realistic and know he challenges ahead. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll have to make decisions that NO parent should ever be faced with. I’ll be taking some time off from my blog, so please check Facebook for pictures and updates. We love our triplets more than anything in the world and we are enjoying every single minute we have with Peyton and Parker. Thank you for all of the support and love…we’re glad our story has touched so many lives.

Here are some words from her. If you’d like to read her entire blog (and follow ‘Skry’s the Limit”)  Just click here.

5 weeks down, several more to go! When the babies first arrived in the NICU, doctors reminded us that it will be a roller coaster. Some days will be great, others will test our faith








289159_AM“Most everything we registered for were in three’s. So, my girlfriends helped me through the presents. Surprisingly, it turned into a fun activity. Of course there were some tears, but opening all of the gifts made me feel like I’m a parent. You see, Ryan and I have talked about how it hasn’t sunk in for us that were are mom and dad. We can barely hold and touch our children. My sleepless night are because I’m waking up to pump, not cradle my babies. Some days are so tough to see other NICU parents feeding and playing with their babies. But opening presents gave me hope.”


“The support we’ve received from people across the country has been amazing. I’ve received cards from viewers and messages from people I haven’t talked to in decades. It makes me realize how many good people are in this world.”

Jen Sill

For nearly 15 years Jennifer spent her time clawing her way up the chain as a television producer and newsroom manager. She's helped create and produce newscasts and talkshows. Just as she was realizing some of her professional goals, she decided to give it all up for a family. Although Jennifer has lived in Miami and L.A., she has always called Nebraska home. She always knew she wanted to raise her children in the Midwest. Jennifer is now trying to find her way in a new world. She may be frenzied and frazzled sometimes, but she would not give up being a mom to her almost four year old and her almost two year old for anything.