I saw an article recently that depressed and dismayed me about a dad who said, “You’re not my mother,” when the wife inquired why she didn’t ever even receive a Mother’s Day card. Why this is a sad but true statement, she is still the mother to his children. That’s why I say this—moms you work hard and you deserve a little celebration.

Here are ten reasons husbands need to celebrate not only their own mothers but their children’s mothers too.

  1. A lot of times she’s set up celebrations for everyone else including her mother-in-law. This is the time to reciprocate and say thank you.
  2. Who do you think has refilled the soap in the shower and the toilet paper in the bathroom for the past ten years? You’re welcome.
  3. She’s spent countless hours never complaining preparing the kid’s schedule so that every homework and school project was done on time.
  4. Because there was a time for about two years when the mother of your children averaged four to five hours of sleep per night.
  5. She’s made 10,000 lunches over the years and possibly some of those included yours. 
  6. She’s been thrown up on an undisclosed number of timesyet she was more worried about the children than the fact that she was covered in barf.
  7. She celebrates you spectacularly on Father’s Day even if she hasn’t always had the best Mother’s Day.
  8. When the kids were sick, she watched endless hours of Nickelodeon TV shows with your children including the dreaded Caillou.
  9. She gives it all that she’s got—whether it be in the house full time or split between work and home. The mother of your children is a superhero.
  10.  She fearlessly birthed your children and that is at least worth a trip to the Hallmark store. 

Husbands take note: Mother’s Day is a day to “celebrate” ALL moms –not just your own. 

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Erica Sutherland

E. Sutherland resides in California with her husband and two children. Along with working full-time and being a mom (which is her favorite job!) she also writes in her spare time. Every essay is inspired by her children.