4. Don’t Bring Anything – When bringing small children to church, it’s a good idea to teach them from the beginning that toys are never appropriate things to bring to Mass. If from the beginning of his life, you teach him that going to church is about their relationship with God, and not about false idols such as Sophie the giraffe, Pat the Bunny, and Thomas the Tank Engine, then by the age of 13.7 months they will understand what kind of behavior is expected and perform as such. 

5. Bring Snacks – It’s a well-known fact among parents, that every church service is right in the middle of prime snack time. When one considers that it’s a good two hour process from getting dressed to arriving home, it’s obvious that a small snack of cheerios, puffs, or even apple slices will help tide your child over until the next meal. It keeps him quiet and happy so that everyone can ignore the fact that he is there, and it reminds him of the last supper, the real reason that we are all able to congregate in the first place. 

Rachel Manley

Rachel Manley is a happy stay-at-home mom of six, six and under. A Nebraska native, she now lives in central Iowa where she often craves Runza, Valentino’s, and Papa Ray’s Pizza. Once a middle school math teacher, she decided to stay home after the birth of her second child and hasn’t looked back…very often. She spends her days reading board books, pushing swings, building train tracks, and giving hugs. By the grace of God Rachel converted to Catholicism in 2004, and soon thereafter married her high school sweetheart. She strives everyday to do the little things, as St. Thérèse did, and to live her life pleasing to Him.