It takes courage to jump from a plane that is 13,000 feet in the air. It takes courage to leave the comfort and security of a 9 to 5, to pursue your dream of becoming a sought after photographer, chef, or inspirational leader. It takes serious courage to move on with life after getting divorced, surviving a horrific crime, or enduring the hardship of grief.

But, it also takes serious courage to focus on what matters to you the most and avoid the pain of comparison. It takes courage to pursue your best life in a way that is authentic and absolutely true to your heart- rather than buy in to the expectations of others. It takes courage to live a meaningful life that is filled with all of the things you love- because you have set solid boundaries and have learned to leave what you don’t love alone.

Courage is needed during those take the leap moments in life when going big, stepping out of the box, and breaking through the glass ceiling is your goal. Courage is also needed to bring joy, meaning, and love into your life- everyday.

Want to be courageous everyday?

Here’s how:

1. Be you. Forget everything everyone ever told you about how you are supposed to be. And just be.

2. Tell your story. You deserve to be heard.

3. Do what you love. And, if you don’t love it, leave it alone.

4. Set solid boundaries.  When you don’t, you deny others the opportunity to be their best selves.

5. When it’s no, say so. ~Dr. Maya Angelo

6. Let your light shine. Don’t be afraid to be seen.

7. Expect more. Don’t be afraid to get your hopes up.

8. Protect your time. It is your most valuable investment opportunity.

9. Love hard. Heartbreak happens. But, so does unconditional, heart-healing, and soul-stirring kind of love.

10. Forgive. One day, you will need that same kind of forgiveness.

11. Let go. Set yourself (and it or them) free.

…And if those things are not courageous enough, create your own courageous list and share it with us in the comments section below!

Nakeia Homer

Social Worker turned Songwriter turned Multi-passionista, Nakeia Homer is the definition of a multi-passionate woman. Her daily credo “I used to hate my life and now I freaking love it” created a whole new life and career for her. Nakeia is on a mission to inspire others to create lives they really freaking love- by doing everything she can to love her own. She writes weekly at