I went into this parenting thing firmly believing it was my job to be your parent, not your friend. I still believe that, but at the same time, I’m delighted to see how easily we’ve become friends too. While I realize we have the tween and teen years up ahead – when parenting may have to take priority – I’m confident our friendship will weather any storms we endure. Here are 25 reasons why you’re not just my daughter, you’re my friend.


  • Whether it’s karaoke night at our house, or we’re plucking away at our instruments, music runs through your veins.
  • We both know dozens of songs from a variety of musicals.
  • Speaking of songs, your taste in music is developing nicely.
  • No one dances quite like you (your parents especially appreciate that)!
  • If there’s ever a Taylor Swift “Name That Tune” contest, we’re there.
  • We’ve got a movie buff on our hands, helping us keep track of upcoming new releases.
  • Neither of us can wait to see Mamma Mia 2!
  • Your dry humor and delivery show great wit—you fill our home with laughter!
  • I appreciate art even more because of you.
  • Never lose your love for life and all its adventures.
  • Family is very important to you.
  • You’re a drumstick ice cream connoisseur.
  • In a Hersey variety pack, you know to go after the Mr. Goodbars.
  • Pizza is your favorite—mine too!
  • Together, we eat sushi.
  • You did your first Bible study this summer (some of my closest friends study the Bible with me).
  • You’re a curious learner about all sorts of things.
  • We can waste away a whole afternoon playing board games.
  • Whether it’s together, or individually, you’re developing a love for reading.
  • I love watching you enjoy animals (sometimes more than you enjoy people).
  • We’re both wild about your dad, showing our impeccable taste in men.
  • You are a very loyal friend, and I treasure that.
  • There’s a kind, tenderhearted side shining forth from you these days as you realize life’s about more than making sure you’re happy.
  • I’m thankful you’re always up for a roadtrip.
  • You’ll attend sporting events with me (if there are dipping dots and a souvenir involved).

Traci Rhoades

Traci Rhoades is a writer and Bible teacher. She lives in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with her family and an ever-changing number of pets. Connect with her online at tracesoffaith.com or @tracesoffaith on twitter. She is the author of "Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost."