Teachers are essential to this world and an absolute gift to this life. They are a glorious treasure we receive as each new school day dawns and unfolds. Teachers share their magnificent minds with our little ones day in and day out. Through their layers of knowledge, I see them strengthening my child’s reading skills in ways I never could.

They do so much more than that, though.

Our teachers create an inviting, gentle learning environment for our kids, wading far beyond letters and numbers. These teachers of ours are consistently tending to the hearts of our children as well. They are guiding minds while also fostering the inner growth of our wee ones.

Our teachers are making some of the most meaningful contributions into the lives of our kids and it is an honor for me to send my child into their care each morning. I know my little one will receive so much more than great academic scores and the gift of learning. These things are certainly valuable beyond measure, but I see our teachers reaching even further than that. They are extending gifts from their hearts—gifts that will have a long-lasting impact on our children for years to come.

On any given school day, my child is collecting gifts from teachers who are filled with a deep empathy and a grace-filled understanding. As my child navigates school, she encounters times of discouragement and frustration, but a special soul swoops in to help her work through those challenging moments. When my child must wrestle her fears, she is tended to so well by her teacher’s genuine understanding. She is heard by a teacher who seeks to mend her worries with an attitude of love and a communication style that makes any heart feel at home.

My child feels comfort under the wing of her teacher’s compassion. Her teacher’s warm assurances never fail to console and uplift. My little one’s dear, tender heart is always supported by someone who truly values her feelings.

My child feels the glory and worth of her teacher’s patience. When my child feels overwhelmed by failure or defeat, her teacher meets her in that space, and works to create a fresh, new motivation and determination. When my child feels like giving up, she is given the tools to ignite her perseverance. If she falls, her teacher is by her side to help her rise. Through a special teacher’s patience, my child is learning she is capable of conquering any task before her.

Maybe the best part of all is that she experiences the gift of being known. In her classroom, her hopes and dreams are nurtured. Her teacher encourages her strengths and whole heartedly accept her weaknesses. Her unique personality traits are appreciated and celebrated. Through the gift of being known, she can take on the world from her sacred place of worth. She can breeze through her school days knowing she’s perfectly perfect, just as she is.

These teachers of ours are extending arms to embrace our little ones through so many social, emotional, and personal trials.

These teachers of ours are making our children’s world greater moment by moment. They are making such a significant difference in how our children greet each obstacle and face each day.

Our teachers enrich students’ lives far beyond what is required by the school systems. Despite all the demands and expectations teachers have on their shoulders, they invest so much of themselves into their classes. They tuck gifts from their own hearts into our children’s hearts. They are leaving little imprints of their care on the spirits of our students. These traces of love carry far beyond the school year.

While filling our little ones’ minds with knowledge, they are also nurturing their hearts and souls, and undeniably enriching our world, our lives, and our days. 

Ashley Chandler

I am a Nebraska resident, living out my life on a ranch. I am a faithful farmer's wife and  a devoted mother to a beautiful six-year-old daughter. My view from home enriches my life in a multitude of ways and I enjoy connecting with so many other voices that are sharing their perspectives from home as well!