It’s not winter anymore. But it certainly doesn’t feel like spring. Or at least that, “skipping through daisies underneath a pure blue sky while the sun sprinkles all over the scene” spring that we all await when we live in a place with four seasons.

No. It is not spring. It is not winter. It’s Sprinter. The season of warm temps that feel oddly cold. And grey. A grey palate is washed over everything like we are living in an eternal state of Game of Thrones. Every so often, Sprinter gives a glimpse of Spring — sunshine. Rain. Warm enough temps to let your toes show. But ohhhhhhh the grey. The grey seems to drag for dayyyyyyz, right? 

So what’s a gal to do? Here are eight tips to attack the grey day blahs with the understanding that you will also share yours in return. Together, we will survive Sprinter, sista. 

  1. Take a vitamin D supplement – Do you know that like 98% of Midwesterners don’t get enough Vitamin D because of the amount of grey that follows our souls? That statistic is 100% made up but truly, a whole lotta people are deficient in the Vitamin that sunshine provides. If you’re feeling in a grump slump, ask your Doc if a dose of daily D might help you feel more positive. 
  2. Listen to happy tunes – Norah Jones is the bomb. But four days in a row of grey days paired with the melancholy melodies might make a mama a big moody. Instead, go to YouTube and listen to, “Sunshine, Lollipops” by Lesley Gore, Walkin on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves and Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow. 
  3. Just dance – you’ve got a little play list started… add to it your fave songs from high school. Or college. Or a memory in your life that doesn’t include grey. And get those gams groovin. 
  4. Exercise – Maybe bustin’ a move is your workout. Cool. But if not, just like dancing, any sort of exercise will get those happy juices flowin. Even if it’s just getting up from your desk and speed walking around all the cubes or walking up and down a few flights of stairs. 
  5. Sexercise – seriously. Anything that works your body is going to release endorphins. Fit in a nooner and you’ll be less crabby by climax. 
  6. Eat some leafy greens – again, vitamin D is your jam and cloudy skies suck you dry. If you’re not into a supplement of D, fit more Vitamin D dense foods into your daily plates. 
  7. Change up your routine – a change will do you good. If you can’t change the weather, change your view. Maybe that means eating at a different table for lunch at work, going to the library if you stay home with Littles, or even reading a book in a different room. Changing something little can make a big difference in your day. 
  8. Splash in the puddles – accompanying the clouds, at times, can be rain. When was the last time you embraced the rain? When was the last time you acted like a free spirited child and jumped in the puddles. Make the rain your adventure. 

There you have it. Eight suggestions to take on the blahs. Because Sprinter won’t last forever. And maybe, even, the sun’ll come out… tomorrow

Ashli Brehm

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