Dear 2017,

I know you are chomping at the bits and bursting at the seams to make an appearance the very second 2016 goes into retirement but let’s pause for a moment and take in the massive responsibility that comes with this kind of change. I can’t imagine how good it must feel to have such a grand entrance; parties all over the world; TV shows actually counting down the seconds until your appearance. All those happy people clinking glasses and smooching away just because you showed up. It’s got to be hard not to take that to the head. I am sure you are aware that your buddy 2016 showed up with up the same glitz and glamour and had some nice moments but there is much room for improvement. So I figured we should try something new this go round: I am not doing resolutions for you. How about some resolutions you try and keep for me during your turn at bat?

  1. More good news… All the bad and fake news is actually making people sick. Bad news is coming from all these different sources these days and it’s almost impossible to avoid. It’s on TV, in Facebook and Twitter feeds; as soon as I flick on my phone or computer it’s the first thing I see. The problem is (listen up ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX) there is actually much more good going on than what is reported. People are finding cures, being healed, saving lives, donating their money, talent, and services. Let’s see more of that! Let’s make 2017 the year of the GOOD NEWS. My kids are getting too old for me to explain away everything they see on TV. So do this for the kids OK?
  2. Less food waste… Doesn’t it make you a little queasy that there will be so many hungry people living on this earth during your 365 days in office and at the very same time one third of the food in this world is lost or wasted? Isn’t there some sort of genius out there or company that can sort this out? I have an idea! Besides being less picky when we grocery shop can’t we start make something else (cakes, pies, something) out of the “ugly” fruit and veggies left behind? 2017, please find someone to turn this terrible matter around. We have to get the food nobody is eating into the mouths that have nothing to eat!
  3. Less talk and more action… Remember the cop who asked the angry protesters to join the police force if they want to make a difference? We need more of that in you, 2017. So many folks, myself included, are so quick to hop on the social media outlet of our choice and rant or rave instead of doing something about the stuff that’s got us so worked up. I’ll bet that if for every text, email, post, or “like,” everybody physically did some sort of good deed this world would be a better place overnight. How about this for a headline going into 2018

“2017 the year everybody put their money where their mouth is…”

  1. Love must trump hate…. We are getting a new president about 3 weeks from you settle in. So, quick, fast, and in a hurry there has got to be some major love spread around. 2016 is ending with the country literally ripped in half, bleeding entrails thrown across every neighborhood, office building, and school yard. Kids have a whole new reason to bully each other. I am standing here today shouting enough is enough. I say let’s give Trump a chance. Let’s stand united behind our next president because if he does well, WE ALL WIN. We’ve had enough racial tension, police brutality, retaliation towards police, shootings, and stabbings in the name of stupidity. Do we really need some aliens to land on this planet Independence Day style for us to understand we are not that different from one another? We are all created in God’s image. He loves each and every one of us one and the same. So 2017 has to be a year where peace and unity prevail.
  2. Finally, slow it down a bit…. 2017, I need you to do me a solid, this one is personal… My kids are growing up too fast, I mean, 2016 seemed to flash by at light speed. I know I have some trouble living in the moment because I am always thinking of what was or what will be and very rarely what is. But my little boys are walking and talking already and it’s just too much. You see, they used to need me more. They needed me for food not too long ago (breastmilk) and now my 3-year-old can open the fridge and grab something to drink. My baby boy has 12 teeth now and last year he was all gums! I am having a hard time with this because as much as people warn you it goes by fast…. This is going by FAST! So, let’s pump the breaks a little, ok? I don’t want to be searching for Easter clothes before St Patrick’s day, planning summer vacation on spring break, or Christmas shopping before thanksgiving dinner is served. I heard God lives in the present and I would like to dwell there too.

All in all, 2017, I think you can do this. I think this is YOUR YEAR… let’s put the hope back in humanity, I’ll do my part too. So, happy new you.


A concerned mom

Kim Derrick

Kimberlie Derrick, the creator of is freelance writer living on the east coast. She is happily married with two young sons and praying for more! She received degrees in Psychology, Anthropology, and African American Studies from the University of Houston and spent time studying abroad in West Africa. She is currently working on her first series of children's books about a quirky kid named Quincy.