It’s OK, momma.

It’s OK to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry on the floor when it’s all just too much.

It’s OK to go for a walk when you feel yourself getting too worked up.

It’s OK when the little things overwhelm you and you feel yourself wanting to scream but you have nothing left.

It’s OK to look at your kids and remember the carefree life you had before and miss it.

It’s OK turn the TV on and let it babysit your kids while you take a hot shower to escape just for a little bit.

It’s OK to cry in the car on the way to take your kids to school. When the stress of it all catches up to you.

Momma, it’s OK.


Let it out.

Cry if you need to.

You don’t need to be strong forever.

You carry the weight of your family’s world on your shoulders.

It’s OK to admit sometimes it’s just too much for one person.

It’s OK to let it out, momma.

It’s OK.

Originally published on Facebook at Caitlin Fladager

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Caitlin Fladager

I’m a 25 year old mom to two amazing kids. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I got pregnant when I was 18, and married when I was 20. I started early on most things in life, but I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’m an advocate for mental health and self love.